MS Beam Sizes

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MS Beam/Joists100X50
MS Beam/Joists100X60
MS Beam/Joists120X70
MS Beam/Joists125X65
MS Beam/Joists150X75
MS Beam/Joists175
MS Beam/Joists200X100
MS Beam/Joists250X125
MS Beam/Joists300
MS Beam/Joists350
MS Beam/Joists400
MS Beam/Joists450
MS Beam/Joists500
MS Beam/Joists600
H Beam100X116
H Beam125X70
H Beam152X152
H Beam175X85
H Beam200X200
H Beam203X152
H Beam204X206
The liquid metal is poured into molds.

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