MS Flats Sizes

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MS Flates18X3
MS Flates18X5
MS Flates25X3
MS Flates25X5
MS Flates25X6
MS Flates25X8
MS Flates25X10
MS Flates25X12
MS Flates32X5
MS Flates32X6
MS Flates32X8
MS Flates32X10
MS Flates32X12
MS Flates35X12
MS Flates38X12
MS Flates40X5
MS Flates40X6
MS Flates40X8
MS Flates40X10
MS Flates40X12
MS Flates40X16
MS Flates40X20
MS Flates40X25
MS Flates50X5
MS Flates50X6
MS Flates50X8
MS Flates50X10
MS Flates50X12
MS Flates50X16
MS Flates50X20
MS Flates50X25
MS Flates50X32
MS Flates65X6
MS Flates65X8
MS Flates65X10
MS Flates65X12
MS Flates65X16
MS Flates65X20
MS Flates65X25
MS Flates65X32
MS Flates65X40
MS Flates65X50
MS Flates75X6
MS Flates75X8
MS Flates75X10
MS Flates75X12
MS Flates75X16
MS Flates75X20
MS Flates75X25
MS Flates75X32
MS Flates75X40
MS Flates75X50
MS Flates100X6
MS Flates100X8
MS Flates100X10
MS Flates100X12
MS Flates100X16
MS Flates100X20
MS Flates100X25
MS Flates100X32
MS Flates100X40
MS Flates100X50
MS Flates125X6
MS Flates125X8
MS Flates125X10
MS Flates125X12
MS Flates125X16
MS Flates125X20
MS Flates125X25
MS Flates125X32
MS Flates150X6
MS Flates150X8
MS Flates150X10
MS Flates150X12
MS Flates150X16
MS Flates150X20
MS Flates150X25
MS Flates150X32
MS Flates200X6
MS Flates200X8
MS Flates200X10
MS Flates200X12
MS Flates200X16
MS Flates200X20
MS Flates200X25
MS Flates250X6
MS Flates250X8
MS Flates250X10
MS Flates250X12
MS Flates250X16
MS Flates250X20
MS Flates250X25
MS Flates300X6
MS Flates300X8
MS Flates300X10
MS Flates300X12
MS Flates300X16
MS Flates300X20
MS Flates300X25
MS Flates400X10
MS Flates400X12
MS Flates400X16
MS Flates400X20
MS Flates400X25
MS Flates460X10
MS Flates460X12
MS Flates460X16
MS Flates460X20
MS Flates460X25
MS Flates500X16
MS Flates500X20
MS Flates500X25
The liquid metal is poured into molds.

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