Pipes Sizes

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ProductSizeThickness (in mm)
MS Square Pipe1/2"X14X141.20
MS Square Pipe1/2"X14X141.50
MS Square Pipe3/4"X19X191.00
MS Square Pipe3/4"X19X191.20
MS Square Pipe3/4"X19X191.40
MS Square Pipe3/4"X19X192.00
MS Square Pipe3/4"X19X192.20
MS Square Pipe1"X25X251.00
MS Square Pipe1"X25X251.20
MS Square Pipe1"X25X251.40
MS Square Pipe1"X25X251.60
MS Square Pipe1"X25X251.80
MS Square Pipe1"X25X251.60
MS Square Pipe1"X25X252.00
MS Square Pipe1"X25X252.20
MS Square Pipe1"X25X252.50
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X321.00
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X321.20
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X321.40
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X321.60
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X321.80
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X322.00
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X322.20
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X322.50
MS Square Pipe11"/4X32X322.80
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X381.00
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X381.20
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X381.40
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X381.60
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X381.80
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X382.00
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X382.20
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X382.50
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X382.80
MS Square Pipe11"/2X38X383.20
MS Square Pipe2"X47X471.00
MS Square Pipe2"X47X471.20
MS Square Pipe2"X47X471.40
MS Square Pipe2"X47X471.60
MS Square Pipe2"X47X471.80
MS Square Pipe2"X47X472.00
MS Square Pipe2"X47X472.20
MS Square Pipe2"X47X472.50
MS Square Pipe2"X47X472.80
MS Square Pipe2"X47X473.20
MS Square Pipe2 1/2"X62X621.60
MS Square Pipe2 1/2"X62X622.00
MS Square Pipe2 1/2"X62X622.50
MS Square Pipe2 1/2"X62X622.80
MS Square Pipe3"X72X722.00
MS Square Pipe3"X72X722.50
MS Square Pipe3"X72X723.00
MS Square Pipe3"X72X723.50
MS Round Pipe1/2"X90D 1.20
MS Round Pipe1/2"X90D 1.50
MS Round Pipe3/4X250D1.00
MS Round Pipe3/4X250D1.20
MS Round Pipe3/4X250D1.40
MS Round Pipe3/4X250D1.60
MS Round Pipe3/4X250D2.00
MS Round Pipe3/4X250D2.20
MS Round Pipe1"X320D1.00
MS Round Pipe1"X320D1.20
MS Round Pipe1"X320D1.40
MS Round Pipe1"X320D1.60
MS Round Pipe1"X320D1.80
MS Round Pipe1"X320D2.00
MS Round Pipe1"X320D2.20
MS Round Pipe1"X320D2.50
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D1.00
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D1.20
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D1.40
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D1.60
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D1.80
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D2.00
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D2.20
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D2.50
MS Round Pipe1 1/4"X420D2.80
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D1.00
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D1.20
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D1.40
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D1.60
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D1.80
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D2.00
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D2.20
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D2.50
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D2.80
MS Round Pipe1 1/2"X480D3.20
MS Round Pipe2"X600D1.00
MS Round Pipe2"X600D1.20
MS Round Pipe2"X600D1.40
MS Round Pipe2"X600D1.60
MS Round Pipe2"X600D1.80
MS Round Pipe2"X600D2.00
MS Round Pipe2"X600D2.20
MS Round Pipe2"X600D2.50
MS Round Pipe2"X600D2.80
MS Round Pipe2"X600D3.20
MS Round Pipe2 1/2"X760D1.60
MS Round Pipe2 1/2"X760D2.00
MS Round Pipe2 1/2"X760D2.50
MS Round Pipe2 1/2"X760D2.80
MS Round Pipe3"X880D2.00
MS Round Pipe3"X880D2.50
MS Round Pipe3"X880D3.00
MS Round Pipe3"X880D3.50
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X221.00
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X221.20
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X221.40
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X221.60
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X221.80
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X222.00
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X222.20
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/4"X42X222.50
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X551.00
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X551.20
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X551.40
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X551.60
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X551.80
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X552.00
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X552.20
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X552.50
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X552.80
MS Rectangle Pipes1 1/2"X50X553.20
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X371.00
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X371.20
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X371.40
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X371.60
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X371.80
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X372.00
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X372.20
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X372.50
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X372.80
MS Rectangle Pipes2"X56X373.20
MS Rectangle Pipes2 1/2" X68X251.40
MS Rectangle Pipes2 1/2" X68X251.60
MS Rectangle Pipes2 1/2" X68X251.80
MS Rectangle Pipes2 1/2" X68X252.00
MS Rectangle Pipes2 1/2" X68X252.20
MS Rectangle Pipes3"X80X401.60
MS Rectangle Pipes3"X80X402.00
MS Rectangle Pipes3"X80X402.50
MS Rectangle Pipes3"X80X402.80
MS Rectangle Pipes4"X95X252.00
MS Rectangle Pipes4"X96X482.00
MS Rectangle Pipes4"X96X482.50
MS Rectangle Pipes4"X96X483.00
MS Rectangle Pipes4"X96X483.50
The liquid metal is poured into molds.

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