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MS Pipe and MS Tube refer to Mild Steel Pipe or Mild Steel Tubes. Mild Steel (MS) pipes are manufactured using low carbon (less than 0.25%) steel. Pipes with low carbon content do not harden and are easy to use. As MS Pipes are made from mild steel they can easily be welded and formed in various shapes and sizes for pipelining and tubing purposes. Generally, these are used for drinking water supply i.e. Plumbing, Firefighting, HVAC but can also be used in various other Industrial and Engineering applications. These pipes are usually coated with metals, paints, varnishes, etc. to prevent rusting, but extra care should be taken to prevent it under extreme conditions.

MS pipes


Galvanized Iron (GI) Pipes are made using mild steel strips of Low Carbon Steel Coils. Several fins are rolled around each strip to give them a circular shape. The slit ends of the strips are then welded together by continuously passing high-frequency electrical current across their edges. The welded steel pipes are then passed through sizing sections where any dimensional deviations are corrected. The pipes are then cut to desired lengths by automatic cutting machines. A random pressure test is then performed on the tubes to detect leaks. The galvanization and varnishing of pipes are done as per specific requirements. The GI Pipes are generally used for the distribution of treated or raw water in rural or urban areas. These pipes are cheaper, lightweight and easy to handle.

GI pipes


GP Pipes are made of thin sheets of carbon steel that are electroplated with zinc and then rolled into pipes. Zinc coatings are applied to galvanized pipes to prevent corrosion and rust. They are durable and have a smooth surface finish. Galvanized pipes are generally manufactured through a coil that has undergone the galvanization process. These pipes and tubes have high structural integrity and are resistant to corrosive environments. G.P Pipes & Tubes are manufactured as per ASTM standards.

GP pipes
The liquid metal is poured into molds.

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