What are TMT Bars? A Simple Guide (2022)

What is a TMT Bars?

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are high-strength reinforcement bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core. The very first step of the manufacturing process involves passing the steel wires through a rolling mill stand. Thereafter, these rolled steel wires are again passed through the Tempcore water cooling system. By passing the wires through the water cooling system, the water pressure is optimized. Sudden quenching and drastic temperature changes make the steel bar super tough and durable.

After this process is complete, the TMT bar are cooled by atmospheric pressure. To equalize the temperature difference between the soft inner core and the tough exterior, this is done. As the TMT bar cools, it slowly transforms into a ferrite-pearlite mass. TMT bar have a soft inner core, which gives them great tensile strength and elongation points. TMT bar have a unique design that provides superior ductility. The unique manufacturing process and the absence of cold stress make this bar corrosion-resistant and increase its weldability.

TMT Bars Supplied by JMD Traders

A similar manufacturing process is used to manufacture high-quality SRMB TMT bar. As a result, the bar have higher tensile strength. SRMB TMT bar have higher elongation as their most important feature. This improves the bend/rebend properties of TMT bar, thereby making them more resistant to natural calamities like earthquakes. SRMB TMT bar have a high thermal stability, making them safe from fire accidents. Due to their special ribbed design.

SRMB TMT bar form a stronger bond with concrete or cement, providing additional strength to the structure and enhancing its longevity and durability. The high tensile strength and flexibility of SRMB TMT bar make them an ideal choice for earthquake-prone areas. SRMB TMT bar have a greater shock-absorbing capacity than other TMT bar. During an earthquake, this prevents a building from collapsing and ensures the longevity of the structure. TMT bar provide 20% more strength to a structure than ordinary steel bars. SRMB also manufactures AZAR Bars (Zinga coated TMT bar), de-formed TMT bar, and corrosion-resistant de-formed TMT bar.

To understand more about TMT bars used here is a easy to understand

A Simple Guide To Types Of TMT Bars? (2021 Edition)

There are different types of grades available in TMT steel bars, where grade refers to the amount of stress used to deform the bar. There are mainly 4 types of TMT bars that fall under different graded, namely

Fe 415

Fe 500

Fe 550

Fe 600

TMT bar cage fe 500D type
Fe 500D TMT Bar supplied by JMD Trading Company


Now that you are aware about what TMT Bars are, The next step is selecting the TMT bar type you need for your project

For normal use fe500 is the best type of TMT bar for construction but if any project demands different strength or flexibility of metal, one can simply refer to the other 3 types according to their needs. A new Variety Fe500D is now also available in the market with better ductility this Variety has a Higher Yield Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Easy Bendability, and High Weldability.

Secondly, you have to select a manufacturer. The top 6 TMT Bar Manufacturers in India are:-

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