A Simple Guide To Types Of TMT Bars (2022 Updates)

What is a TMT Bar?

Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars, or TMT bars, are high-strength reinforcement bars with a strong outer core and a soft inner core. Passing steel wires through a rolling mill stand is the initial stage in the production process. These rolled steel wires are then sent through the Tempcore water cooling system once again. The water pressure is optimized while the wires are going through the water cooling system. The steel bar’s outer layer is toughened by the quick quenching and severe temperature shift, making it very tough and durable.

The TMT bars are then exposed to ambient cooling once this procedure is completed. This is done to bring the temperature differential between the soft inner core and the tough outer core closer to zero. As the TMT bar cools, it gradually transforms into a ferrite-pearlite mass. Because the inner core is soft, the TMT bar has a high tensile strength and elongation point. TMT bars have a design that is unique to them and provides them excellent ductility. This bar is also corrosion-resistant and weldable because of its unique production method and lack of cold stress.

TMT Bar used at construction site
TMT Bars used at construction site supplied by JMD trading company

Types of TMT bars

There are different types of grades available in TMT steel bars, where grade refers to the amount of stress used to deform the bar. There are mainly 4 types of TMT bars that fall under different graded, namely Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, & Fe 600.

Fe 415 grade

Fe 415 TMT is being used for small-scale construction projects, because of the characteristics like cost-effectiveness and ductility. Perfect for small load constructions as they can be easily bent into the most complex shapes.
– Fe415 is used for reinforcing residential homes, houses, and small-scale structures.
– Because of the uniform elongation property these types of bars can be used in the place where the area is prone to earthquakes.

Fe 500 grade

The Fe500 grade is generally considered a market standard in many construction projects. Fe500 is also available in Fe 500D and Fe 500S, which offer greater seismic stability and ductility.
– Fe 500 bars can be used across a range of residential, commercial, and multi-story projects.
– They offer greater tensile strength and greater ductility than Fe 415 which are specially manufactured to provide stability to high-rise projects while resisting load better.
– These bars are used in the area where there is high seismic activity and sudden loads.

TMT bar cage fe 500D type
Fe 500D TMT Bar supplied by JMD Trading Company

Fe 550 grade

Fe 550 grade bars can be used in a range of large-scale projects due to their greater tensile strength.
– These are used for developing industrial and large-format infrastructure projects like bridges, industrial projects, and structures requiring high load-bearing capacities
– These bars are especially impactful in coastal, marine, and underground environments as well.

Fe 600 grade

Fe 600 is one of the strongest TMT grades used for heavy-duty infrastructure projects, bridges, and marine facilities. Besides offering greater tensile strength, they also reduce consumption and ensure less steel congestion within the reinforcement.
– Fe 600 are used in the construction of expressways, metro projects, plants, towers, commercial properties, and industrial zones.
– Extensively used for large-scale projects where the more focus is on load-bearing, durability, and corrosion resistance

How to select the thickness of TMT Bar

There are different diameters of TMT steel bars, such as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm, and some well-known TMT manufacturers are now planning to manufacture in larger diameters.

8mm-10mm size bars are used in Slabs and Stair ups, which serve as a load bearing component of slab houses.

12mm-25mm size bars are used in Beams & Columns, making them stronger against external forces.

32mm-36mm size bars are used in the construction of very complex projects such as dams and bridges.

The sizes are also determined by the designs. The size of the containers varies depending on the specifications of the project.

To understand easily about the different thickness of TMT bars used here is a easy to understand


In conclusion, fe500 is the best type of TMT bar for construction but if any project demands different strength or flexibility of metal, one can simply refer to the other 3 types according to their needs. A new Variety Fe500D is now also available in the market with better ductility this Variety has a Higher Yield Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Easy Bendability, and High Weldability.

Secondly, you have to select a manufacturer. The top 6 TMT Bar Manufacturers in India are:-

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